Things That Everyone Should Look Forward To At Next New York Fashion Week

by Chip Tornedon

Menswear and womenswear during NYFW is always at full force. Over the last months, we have been enamored by the epic collection presented by Raf Simons. The influence of the metropolis on his collection is just undeniable. Tim Coppens never disappoints with his stunning collection. This year’s season of New York Fashion Week adhere to their previous season’s promise. Models of different gender preference, ages, sizes, and races have graced the runway. Most renowned designers have celebrated the unconventional beauty and body positivity. But if you think this season has surprised you, there are more things that you should look forward to at the next season of the Fashion Week.

Things to Expect at Next NYFW

Here are some things that you should anticipate at the next New York Fashion Week. This will definitely raise the bar and amplify your excitement.

Upcoming Designers

Compared to the other big events in the fashion industry, NYFW is the event where we can discover young and fresh talents that will wow us. For those who are looking for the latest trend in street wear for the next season, New York is definitely the perfect place to find them. New York Fashion Week may not be as grand as the Paris Fashion Week, but it provides some smaller designers the opportunity to showcase their creation. People who want to find new talents that they can collaborate with or to write about can find it here on the runways of New York.

Fashion Against the Government

The fashion industry has been exclaiming their reaction on the radical move of the government and the decisions of the President. There are major fashion designers who are expressing their disgusts about the latest turn out of events, and others have released a firm statement that they refuse to dress the first lady, Melania Trump. It is possible that the next New York Fashion Week will be filled with statements against the current government and others may base their creation on the current events. In addition, the fashion designers will not be the only one who will express their disgusts over the administration. Expect the attendees to wear statement clothes that aim to show their disappointments over the administration.

Fall/Winter Collection

Most people are looking forward to the 2017 Fall/Winter collection. New York Fashion Week will kick off the fashion week with the women’s collection for fall and winter. Most of us are anticipating seeing fresh and new brands, but we are also excited to see the more established brands.

Expect some show stoppers and creations that will emanate glamour, creativity, and intrigue. But no matter what happens, New York Fashion Week will remain to be a ground of individuality, ingenuity, and free style.


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