Streetwear at New York Fashion Week

by Chip Tornedon

Every season, new fashion evolves, and if there is one kind of fashion that seems to never slow down, it’s streetwear. (Vox populi after all, right?) At NYFW, the streetwear craze was crystal clear, and some great brands debuted. It showed that every season there is something new to expect. From Stampd by Chris Stamp to Kith by Ronnie Fieg and Misbhv by Natalia Maczek, a Polish designer, there seems to be something for everyone no matter the taste.


Another great streetwear brand for men in NYFW is Stampd. It is a minimalist collection that has been approved by celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Kanye West. It consists of urban gear and nylon bombers which were initiated by Chris Stamp.


Kith was one of the most celebrated brands of New York Fashion Week. Ronnie Fieg who founded Kith back in the year 2011 was looking for a brand that would last for a long time to come, a unique brand that is a bit theatrical. This resulted to Kith which is famous for unique streetwear. Throughout the season, Kith has something to offer. The streetwear includes timberland boots, nano universe jackets, flannel, new era face mask, jeans, pullover, hoodies, and pants.

Death to Tennis

Great talents are showcased at New York Fashion Week, and one great brand is Death to Tennis. This kind of streetwear consists of quilted anoraksm chalk-striped suits and funky knits. Adult streetwear is what the founders refer to this kind of fashion. Vincent Oshin who is a stylist and a D.J. came together with William Watson, a designer who has worked with Donna Karan and Ralph Lauren.


Misbhv is a Polish brand that Rihanna has not only endorsed but has also worn. She was recently seen in a vinyl Misbhv jacket. When this brand was first started by Maczek, all she did was design streetwear clothes for her friends little did she know it would turn out to be one of the biggest brands today. Besides having great streetwear for the ladies, Misbhv also designs unisex clothes. streetwear include; cropped flares that are exaggerated, cloudy PVC pants, chain detailed moto jackets, cropped jackets and faux fur-lined denim jackets. It is hard work and dedication that has elevated the brand. Deconstruction and silhouettes are used to bring out the best in the usual garments. Misbhv has been around for 4 years now.

Heron Preston for DSNY

At New York Fashion Week, Heron Preston for SDNY also debut his streetwear style recently. Heron has been creating sustainable fashion by enhancing donated hoodies, jackets, gloves, T-shirts, pants and vests with screen-printed graphics.

If a designer is to have a long-lasting effect in the world of fashion, they have to stay open to new ideas, and that is something these big brands are doing. To follow up on the current streetwear and stay at the top of the game, follow the big brands of NYFW.

The official NYFW schedule is becoming quite full, so keep your eye there for updates!


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