How to Prep for New York Fashion Week in Style

There are obvious steps to be followed prior to attending New York Fashion Week. However, there are specific lists of to-dos to ensure that one is well prepared for this big event. Besides ensuring that you look impeccably dressed, one needs to be well-educated and informed to guarantee a great fashion experience. So how do you ensure you are well prepared?

Research and Read A Lot Prior To Fashion Week

To be able to familiarize yourself with the latest trend as well as dress for it, one needs to go through endless fashion week sites, social media, and magazines to know the current street style. Do not skip on any fashion-related news; in fact, everything that pops up may prove to be relevant.

Ensure Accreditation, Registration and Invites Are In Order

Ensure all the designers and publicists whose events you intend to attend have all been contacted; be it shows, presentations, parties, or store openings. Send inquiries, and in case you’re interested in attending official shows on the NYFW schedule, register in advance — or better yet, send your press samples. Not everyone gets accepted to shows, therefore it is very important to contact them in advance.

Book As Many Appointments with NYFW Shows As Possible

Contact boutiques, stores, and showrooms in advance to find out all the possible events taking place during the New York Fashion Week. Even though very small and private, these events can be your only way to get to see new accessories and clothes, interact with new designers and even purchase or borrow some amazing things. This can be your little organized treasure hunt!

Schedule and Organize

Fashion weeks are normally very busy and it will be easy to forget or lose control of your daily events. To ensure you remain on track, keep a well-informed NYFW schedule and “things to do” list. Note down everything or else things will get chaotic for you. Set out your priorities bearing in mind what is best for your current status.

Update Your Business Cards

Since you are evolving, your current status should be remade based on the necessities and the trends. Your business card ought to bring out the mood of the present time rather than being old fashioned and dull. Don’t be afraid to invest some money to make your business card stand out; it should be updated constantly! (We used this season to wonderful effect!)

With all these in mind, your experience during fashion week is certainly going to be amazing!


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