NYFW is Coming: Protect Your Skin While Looking Fabulous

Protect Your Skin in the Cold New York Weather

by Lisiana Carter

New York Fashion Week is right around the corner. And you know what that means. Lots of glamour, street style, events … and dry, freezing cold air.

“Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it,” bravely pronounced pop visual artist, Andy Warhol. If winter fails to inspire you then, perhaps this statement will. Frankly, you do have many reasons to dislike winter: gloomy backdrop, wet weather, freezing hands, windburn and flaky skin. Nonetheless, there’s no such thing as a challenge that cannot be overcome.

How to brave the freeze and still get beautiful skin in winter

The following 9 winter skin care tips should help you keep your skin dauntlessly fresh and calm despite the unforgiving winter weather:

1. Cleanse and tone. This is an all season must do for any type of skin. Skin must be cleansed, however, only with lukewarm water. Freezing tap water will zap out the moisture from your already moisture challenged skin. Immediately follow through with a toner to condition your skin, tighten your pores, and lock in the moisture.

2. Exfoliate. Your skin is dry but it’s not a qualified reason to skip exfoliation. Use a the gentle sloughing off powers of an alpha hydroxy acid to gently lift and eliminate skin impurities, including dry skin. If you have sensitive skin, a salicylic acid should be preferred. For your body, scrub but, skip the abrasive ingredients like walnut shells which can injure your skin.

3. Keep moisturizing. It is the top solution to counter and prevent dry skin. In winter, you should switch your beauty regimen to include moisturizers that are thicker formulated. Essential oils may also be necessary to ensure that your weather challenged skin receives deep hydration. Identify more opportunities to keep hydrating: use a hydrating face mask, spray a mist throughout the day, and stay indoors where you can set a humidifier to control moisture content of the surrounding air.

4. Wear your sunscreen. Don’t be fooled by the gloomy weather and the cloudy skies. Trust me, skin damaging UV rays are out there. Don’t skimp on your sunscreen and make sure to use only a product that won’t hurt nor irritate your skin.

Check out physical sunscreens which add a protective film on top of your skin that literally blocks the sun’s UV when it comes into contact with your skin. These products are generally safer than chemical sunscreens which can be highly toxic and irritating.

5. Refrain from bathing in steamy showers or soaking in hot baths. It’s tempting to jump into a very hot shower to counter the freezing weather but keep in mind that hot baths will strip only strip off your skin’s natural oils — one that’s already in very low supply. Instead, make sure that you’re bathing only with lukewarm water. With your skin, you should also take care of your hair in this winter season. Take a nice shampoo like Head and Shoulders, which can also help you to prevent hair loss.

6. Take off your makeup at the end of the day. Don’t attempt to rub off the products with nothing but bare tissue nor to wash it off with water immediately. The right way to do it is to use an oil-based makeup remover. It will glide easily on your face and effortlessly collect even your toughest makeup residues in one swipe. Follow through with a good cleanse.

7. Avoid double showers around this season. As much as you can help it, try to resist taking a bath again in the evening. Settle for wet wipes but do wash your face again. Bathing strips off skin’s natural oils. That means, the more you shower, the drier your skin can possibly become.

8. Stay indoors as much as you can. One of the best ways by which you can protect your skin from drying out in winter is by staying in as much as you can. When you absolutely have no business outside, stay at home or stay in the office. When you’re indoors, you can easily manipulate the temperature, even the moisture content of the surrounding air.

9. Wear protective clothing when you have to go outside. Making sure that you’re properly dressed for winter does not only become practical in keeping yourself warm. The coverups that you sport should also be able to protect your skin from having to keep up with harsh weather conditions. Save your skin from the harsh winter beating by covering as much of your skin as you can.

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Stop complaining about the unforgiving weather because you can’t do anything about it. Worry instead about the things that are under your control. Follow these 9 tips and you’ll be on your way sashaying your beautiful skin throughout the season as people you know wonder, “how did she do that?” Let them guess.


Lisiana Carter is a renowned independent researcher and is studying the impact of technology in the beauty industry. She is passionate about beauty, makeup, fashion and skincare industry. She holds a Ph.D. in beauty and thereby has been consistently sharing her experience by writing various articles related to makeup, beauty, fashion, and skin care. She has been writing on beauty and skin care related topics from the past 10 years.

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Julie Vino Bridal Blush Collection
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