Musings for the New Year: a Fashion-Forward Journey

Editor’s Note: “A Goat Declares” is a new column penned by Alfred, our very own “fashion goat.”

alfred-a-goat-declares by Alfred

A Fashion Christmas Carol

hadid-sterThe goat is cranky today, my friends.

Maybe it’s because of Kanye West’s breakdown — “Kanye West” being a name we’ve more-or-less sworn not to utter in the pages of this website. It’s not that we think he’s a bad person. Okay, well, scratch that, we do. Not a horrible person: just someone who cares only about himself. Which is, uh, basically, the definition of a reasonably bad person.

Or maybe it’s this otherwise delightful video of Gigi Hadid in a Lamborghini (to be fair, she’s also walking along Rodeo and being nice to strangers), which we saw in Vogue. And that’s a curious thing to be irritable about, because we love Vogue, and feel like Gigi Hadid is probably a pretty decent person. But why the Lamborghini? It just seems too obvious somehow, and sort of grotesque. There’s such a fine line between living well — even a bit opulently — and seeming insensate to the existence of the poor. We don’t know. Maybe we’re just jealous or cranky, or just haven’t been able to connect with car culture in the correct way.

Our new year’s resolution for 2017 is to become less judgmental: no easy feat, when it seems there’s so much injustice and silliness in the world. The election alone has been a new lesson in how two groups of people can demonize each other to the point where there’s no option, seemingly, than to keep demonizing each other. Because let’s face it, at that point you’re sort of “all in.”

Our new year’s resolution for 2017 is to become less judgmental.

Which is a shame, we think.

Even so, the entertainment industries are notorious breeders of narcissism. And we should know, because we’re been there!

And that’s one of the great ironies of success. The more you have, the more your expectations increase, and so any sense of dissatisfaction swells accordingly. Much like nature abhors a vacuum — and air rushes to fill it — it seems our dissatisfaction follows a similar tendency. If we let ingratitude live within us, it can magically expand to fill any life, no matter how hugely blessed with material possessions.

If we let ingratitude live within us, it can magically expand to fill any life.

Similarly, a sense of gratitude can expand to fill almost any material “lack.”

Or to borrow another metaphor from physics, much as we can never catch up to a beam of light — no matter how fast we run — the “perfect life” recedes from us, maddeningly, to the degree that we demand it.

There is an exciting aspect to all of this, and that’s the development of concepts of (really, practices of) gratitude and service.

To be happy, we don’t need more things. We just need more appreciation. The sound of feet on pavement, too, is a sacred gift, when we think of never hearing that sound again.

And to escape the horrible spiral of self-obsession, we can focus on helping others.

If nothing else, the universe is a curious study in things sort-of being the opposite of what they seem. It all sounds so hackneyed, but “having stuff” is ultimately not about the stuff, and self-care is usually about the very opposite.

Well, that’s for us. End of pseudo-philosophical musings.

Happy Holidays, and see you at New York Fashion Week.

With love,



(Main Image: Arun Nevader/Getty Images)

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