Most Memorable Moments from Last NYFW

New York Fashion Week is an incredible time of the year, where exquisite things happen. All the top fashion designers show off their new collections and their plans for the coming seasons. Spectators take in as many wonderful attractions as possible, with some experiences standing out among the rest.

Let’s have a look at the most striking moments from last NYFW, which have already been imprinted in our hearts!

Rihanna and Puma

Fenty and Puma have partnered up for a wonderful collection of casual clothes. Rihanna could not be any happier since this collaboration seems to be amazing. At the NYFW the runway was slightly different than what had been anticipated. Of course, Rihanna is an eccentric girl, and so the motocross stunts seemed like the perfect fit for her! She even made an appearance on motocross herself, stealing our hearts away!

Kaia Jordan Gerber

The daughter of Cindy Crawford has made it all the way to New York Fashion Week, and the results are purely magical. She has taken part in various runways, showing off her slender figure and her supreme class. As it seems, she has the genes to go ahead with an impressive career, and she is not going to throw that opportunity away.

Leslie Jones’ Reactions

At Christian Siriano collection, Leslie Jones was absolutely wonderful. She cheered for Coco Rocha, the Canadian model. Her reactions were priceless, as she could not help but cheer. She became ecstatic, which is why the model herself asked her to be her hype woman!


During NYFW, a lot of fashion designers chose to express their political beliefs or proceed with statements as to the concept of Planned Parenthood, feminism and human rights. There is nothing better than realizing that fashion can be a great asset. It can be the voice that unites us all. Taking advantage of fashion to express yourself is invaluable.


Now more than ever diversity has been celebrated. 2018 is a year when no differences should define people. Models that do not match the narrow boundaries of the market have taken the world of fashion by storm. It is hopeful to see that the fashion industry has grown, accepting a wider audience and acknowledging the right to be different.

Fashion Embracing Those Memorable Moments

Apart from the latest collections, the runways and the presentations, there are these special moments that made it to the limelight. Through special performances and amazing collaborations, inspiring statements and changes in attitude, NYFW proudly sets the trends in fashion today.

There are moments that we will look back with a smile on our face and others that will make us feel optimistic about the future. Either way, these moments have stood out among the rest. Hopefully, some will stay in the history of New York Fashion Week!

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