Emerging Designers Series: Interview with Nuska Couture

Interview with Nuska Couture

by Mary Winkenwerder

Mary Winkenwerder is a writer, blogger, seasoned beauty expert and published makeup artist. She blogs at Ultimate Report when she’s not helping others in the industry expand their visibility through her philanthropy project called Published Project. You can find her blogging lifestyle (fashion, runway, beauty, seasonal color, food, family) at Ultimate Report.

Editorial Note: In our lead-up to another season of New York Fashion Week (next installment begins in September), we’re showcasing designers who may not be “household names” yet, but are making waves in the fashion community. Meet some of the big-name designers of the future.

STORM, the second collection for NUSKA Couture, recently walked down the runway in Vancouver. The SS2017 collection, inspired by clouds, offered beautifully crafted gowns, formalwear pieces in shorts, skirts, and delicately crafted tops. Celebrating the female form, the collection as a whole drapes the body with sheer and substantial fabrics. Details of layering, ruffles, patterns, and bead work resulted in wearable art at its most approachable.

This design aesthetic finds inspiration from creative minds, spanning generations of artists from Salvador Dali and Picasso to Brittany Spears. NUSKA Couture’s unique design aesthetic has manifested four fashion and style awards since 2012. This is not the end of the conversation, but only the beginning. There is so much more to know about what makes the designer produce beautifully orchestrated garments.

Q: At what point in life did you decide that you wanted to express through design? 
In school. When I was younger I realized very quickly that I had a special fervor for drawing and being creative.

Q:  How has being a designer changed your life?  Has it enhanced your point of view?  Do you experience a new depth of life through design?  

Being a designer changed my life in a positive way. I appreciate the little things of everyday and they also inspire me. Yes, I experience new challenges every day.

Q:  How important is seasonal color when creating a collection?  What motivates your use of seasonal color?   
Colors are very important. To me, the costumer is king.  I really want to find a good way between my vision and the consumer idea. They also give me inspiration. 

Q: When you wake up in the morning, what is your first thought generally?  How does this first thought inspire and spark activity into your creative day? 

Why does my alarm clock have to wake me already?! I am a very positive person, so I usually always wake up with a positive thought. That gives me power for the day. 

Q: How long is a typical workday for you?  How do you stay motivated?  

Very different. It depends. Some days are 28 hours long and some others are normal, I think. I stay motivated with good food in my breaks.

Some days are 28 hours long and some are normal

Q:  How does everyday life inspire your work?  Were there any daily life elements that inspired your collection?  If so, what are they?  

People around me inspire me every day. I like to be with people I can learn from. 

Q: What message did you want to convey through the creation of this collection?  Why is it important that this message be understood? 

I work with many colors to get out of the gray everyday life. I want to make life more colorful and lay more focus on details.

I hope that someone understands my message. I do my best.

I want to make life more colorful.

Q: Let’s talk about hair and makeup.  Who is the team you chose to work with to create these finishing touches?  Why were these artistic touches important in presenting your collection?  

An unbiased team is important to me to see their vision. They create the last final steps for my dresses. 

Q:  What is your favorite out of studio activity?  Why? 

In my free time I like to travel a lot. I can turn off and enjoy nature. Nature gives me new ideas for collections. 

Q: How does your brand help to develop or aid others in the community/area/region/nationally? 

In a very good and positive way. I am open for new things but I like to find my way.

Q: What aspirations do you have for the growth of your line moving forward?  

I want to see my dresses in international boutiques. It would make me very proud.

Q: What was the biggest hurdle you had to overcome when creating this collection?  

It is so hard for me to find the final look of a collection. When I start a project it is difficult to stop and to create a good end that expresses the message. 

Latest Season

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(Photos: Ed Ng Photography)

Q: In terms of demographic, who does your line speak to the loudest?  

Young women, they like to find a good way between new style and classics.
My target group wants to know the background of my dresses, and appreciates the details and love I give.

Q: If there were three things you could have the consumer market take away from this collection, what would they be?  

Femininity, love for details, and colors.

Q: Collections are made up of pieces that cohesively come together for presentation.  What types of pieces make up this particular collection?  

The surface of the clothes and special effects. 

Q: What are the most meaningful things in life?  How do you stay centered in such a forward moving creative space? 

Family, health, support and understanding. I try to find a good way to balance between a forward moving world and staying classic and based. It helps me to get creative. I need both.

I try to find a good way to balance between a forward moving world and staying classic and based.

Q: Did your childhood activities ever reflect your current passion for design?  If so, how so? If not, how so? 

When I was 7 years old I drew a really, really, good parrot for my age. Afterward, I visited the art school. That activity gave me a lot of passion.

Q: In this collection, how are accessories and shoes worked into this creative mix?  Did you create your own or did you partner with another designer?  If so, who did you partner with and why?  

Accessory are important but I don’t want to put them in focus to much. 

Q: Hand created design elements can make incredible finishing touches on garments.  Does this collection bear any hand created elements?

It is a big important detail. I miss that on industry products very much. 


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